About Us

Exam Venture is an online portal designed to transform pen-paper method of exams and learning into a digital platform which will create, to our personal demands, exams, their solutions followed by a detailed analysis of evaluation. It also aims at developing, in a later stage, course material for the particular subject. This portal which has as its motto Learn, Prepare, Test, Improve and Repeat is a modern way of taking exams and learning while inspiring from the long-proven methods of taking exams and learning at the same time.

Characterized by its salient features such as attempt count, auto-publishes exam, view answer sheet, browser tolerance so forth and so on, Exam Venture brings at our disposal almost every element that we expect while sitting for exams or learning on such a portal. Equipped with features curated keeping in mind personal and organizational needs, it has the potential to cater to hundreds of users with different needs thus economizing on resources such as time, money and energy. Moreover, ability to administer every basic configuration makes it unique and quite effective in its result oriented modus operandi.

Exam Venture is a new venture with all the needed features which claims to revolutionize the way we take exams or learn about things. Its highly interactive UI and systematic dashboard are the pillars of this portal which when supported by tons of features tend to do away with conservative methods of taking exams or learning. For example, one can set a time as per one schedule and take the exam at that prescribed time instead of having to appear for one and only schedule as is implied in a conservative method. Or, publication of results with detailed analysis of evaluation within seconds post exam instead of waiting for days and hours for the same is another striking feature of this portal. Let’s have a look at some more features of this portal listed below to gain a view of how this portal can transform lives and change methods we take exams or learn about things.

  • Groups to categorize students and teachers
  • Group-based users with personalizes dashboard
  • Subjects with group assignment
  • Exam with date and time parameter
  • Exam attempt count
  • Group restriction
  • The expiry date for exams
  • Exam wise results
  • Detailed result including sectional analysis, time and correction answer details
  • Results with performance charts

Above features add flexibility to the all-encompassing portal and make it an interesting platform to take exams, learn or impart education otherwise. We believe Exam Venture is one such portal which allows for being disciplined in a flexible way, being modern while adhering to long-proven methods of exam taking and learning. Therefore, we believe in this digitalized world. We believe in Exam Venture.